Thursday, April 12, 2012

What To Wear

The biggest question I get is "What should my family wear to our photo shoot?"  Here is what I say:

Most families make clothing selections for their portraits harder than it has to be.  Make it simple by picking a pair of coordinating colors, and work your outfits out around that.  Don’t be afraid to use a subtle pattern, and don’t be afraid to have members of the family wear different colored shirts!  I also love the layered look.  Add a cute necklace or a scarf.  Have fun with shoes, hats etc.

Pick colors that work well with your family and don’t be afraid to step away from “matchy-matchy” blue jeans/khakis and white shirts.  Have some fun and mix up your colors. It is also fun to add a color that adds so pop to the pictures.  Keep it simple, don't clash, don't be too matchy matchy and remember that coordinating is best

If you are still stuck and don't have a clue, do what I do, research it on the internet or look at magazines for inspiration . Get inspired!  I love looking at family photographers and checking out their photos for ideas on what to their clients are wearing.  This way, I can get some great ideas on a color scheme or color combination I may not have thought of on my own.

I think my most recent client did a great job at coordinating her families outfits for their photos.  I especially love the color choices for the spring.

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